Step Ahead Teacher with children

Finding the positives in Covid-19

While the lockdown during Covid-19 was incredibly hard for so many, and we know the weeks and months ahead will be equally challenging, we have spent some time looking at all the positives that came from lockdown. One example is all the amazing time our children got to spend at home with their families, and while we missed them greatly, there is nothing like quality time spent at home with whānau.

Another positive outcome from Covid-19 was the effort made by the Ministry of Education to share resources with families at home, to support and empower them to continue their children’s learning journey.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to look, check out the Ministry of Education website for a wide range of really useful resources, looking at everything from language development, positive parenting and toddler whispering, to play ideas, stories and songs. This is a wonderful resource for us all to continue to revisit, especially on those days where you’re looking for inspiration and ideas to help you connect with your children and make time spent together more meaningful for you both.

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